“Half-Breed Mythology” by Aaron Paquette

Originally posted on: 2011/10/16

I’m about to let you in on a little secret… I have about 100 Google Alerts set up with words like “biracial Canadian” or “mixed Canada” etc and this is where I get a lot of my intel from. Mind you, many of them totally miss the mark and actually have nothing to do with being mixed in Canada (ie. “mixed reactions to Canada’s new…”). However, every now and then Google Alerts comes back with some real gold nuggets and as soon as I read the headline of today’s alert I knew it was one such nugget…

“Down and Out/City Living” by Aaron Paquette, 2008

What: Art show “Half-Breed Mythology”
Who: Aaron Paquette
When: October 11th – October 30th, 2011
Where:  Art Gallery @501, 501 Festival Ave, Sherwood Park, AB
Description: “Referencing his mixed cultural heritage, Aaron Paquette’s investigation of Scandinavian mythology and Aboriginal storytelling seamlessly creates a new narrative. Within the context of the legacy of colonialism, these pieces consider the struggles, isolation and ambivalent benefits of inclusion that come with the title ‘half-breed’.

Half-Breed Mythology was curated by Paul Smith and coordinated by Shane Golby for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program, organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta. This exhibition was made possible through sponsorship from Syncrude Canada Limited.”

Make sure to check out Aaron here too:
Website: http://www.aaronpaquette.net/
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/AaronPaquetteArt
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/aaronpaquette
Mixed in Canada: http://www.mixed-me.ca/?page_id=176


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