MIXED 2017 – we need your help!

The planning for the 2017 MIXED Art Conference is underway and we need your help to raise $1500.

The conference will be held on June 3rd, 2017 at the YMCA Central Toronto, with another great lineup of speakers, including Sharon Chang, author of Raising Mixed Race. You will not want to miss it!sa8_1066

We’ve already raised 20% of our goal!

MIXED is a 100% grassroots volunteer based organization, and we need help to make this year’s conference a success.

Click here to donate:  https://fwyc.ca/campaigns/mixed-art-conference-1

Your donation will be used to make the event as accessible as possible and to provide stipends for the artists, facilitators and speakers. No donation is too small!

To learn more about MIXED:
Visit our website: www.MixedArtTO.wordpress.com
Follow us on Twitter: @mixedartto
Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/MixedArtTO

Help make MIXED history!

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