Community Post: Tales of a Mulatto Girl: FAQ’s

Originally posted on: 2015/10/29

Tales of a Mulatto Girl: FAQ’s

You’re so exotic. What’s your background? Canadian. No, where are you really from?

I am vanilla. I am chocolate. I guess that makes you butterscotch or mocha?

You hair – it’s so cool. It’s so thick, curly and kinda of nappy. I love how it stands up on its own when you put it in a ponytail. Mine just lays flat on my back.

So do you consider yourself to be more Black or White because you can’t be both?

When you grow up, are you going to marry a Black or White guy?

You could pass for a White person – it’s just your hair.

Mulatto girl, friends to the White girls that think is ok to share or unleash their feelings of race and Black men to me.

Mulatto girl, who are you really?

Not quite this and not quite that.


Pic-of-Barbara-Larter-SanchezBarbara Larter-Sanchez is a writer and recently created Tales of a Mixed Girl blog ( dedicated to connecting with mixed race teen girls and women to share stories of lived experiences growing up being mixed in Canada. The blog features poetry and articles to connect and inspire mixed race females who struggle or feel mixed up about their racial identity as she did growing up.

Barbara has extensive experience in government relations working for Ontario Public Service and in the not for profit and profit sector in areas of community development, fundraising, grant writing, communications and publicity. Barbara holds a B.A. in Sociology from Trent University and a Public Relations Diploma from Durham College.  In her spare time she loves hanging out with her family and trying out new products for her naturally curly hair.


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