Intersectionality describes a way that we can deconstruct the many ways that various forms or systems of oppression (ie racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism etc) meet in our lived experiences. Because we are all complex and dynamic beings, and because white-hetero-normative-ableist-transphobic-patriarchy is so incredibly layered and multifaceted; it is difficult (if not almost impossible) to separate one form of oppression from another in our lives.

This page is dedicated to looking at our many identities that may intersect with that of mixed race, as it is incredibly important but often silenced for so many reasons. Not every piece posted here will necessarily have to do with “mixed-ness” per se, but at the very least, something that we as racialized mixed-race identified folks may relate to.

The list still needs a lot of work, so we are looking for articles, blogs, poems, art etc that look at intersectionality through an anti-oppression lens. Please send or post anything you can think of in the comments below to help build the page, as well as feedback and checks to make sure that this remains as safe a space as possible.

15 Comics For Anyone Struggling To Explain What It Means To Be Queer

19 LGBT Microaggressions You Hear On A Daily Basis

30 Bisexual Women Discuss Their Long-Term Relationships with Men by Ashley C. Ford

Bisexual Umbrella

Coming Out Across Cultural Barriers: A Mixed-Race Son’s Journey With His Korean Immigrant Mother by Mark Ro Beyersdorf

Daughters of Interracial Couples are More Likely To Say They are Multiracial by Carey Wallace

Djuan Trent, Former Miss Kentucky, On Why She Came Out As ‘Queer’ by Michelangelo Signorile

From Married Woman to Radical Queer: Permission to Re-make Ourselves by  Brittany Chávez

Funny Kind of Girl by Morgan Melendres Mentz (from “Mixed up!” see below)

Hearing Two-Spirits: Two-Spirit voices are integral to cultivating community resistance and decolonization by Cortney Dakin

Homeward Bound: Searching for the Secret Island of Black Queer Mixed Femmes by Kim Katrin Milan

I know I’m Queer – Now What? by Erin Tatum

I Think I Might Not Be Straight – So What Am I? by Melissa A. Fabello

I’m a Mixed Race Woman of Color. He’s a White Trans Man. We Love Each Other by Nia King

Indian Blood: Mixed Race Gay Men, Transgender People, and HIV by Andrew Jolivette

Metis Photographer’s Two Spirit Project is Shaking Things Up by D.A. Navoti

Mixed-race transgender person sues Appleton nightclub by Autumn Sandeen

Mixed Up! A Zine About Mixed-Race Queer & Feminist Experience

Laying Claim to My Sexual and Racial Identity Saved My Life by Lauren Dunn

LGBT Kids Of Color Are More Likely To Be Disciplined In School, Study Shows by Rebecca Klein

Queer of Gender Submission: Dane Figueroa Edidi

Queer of Gender Submission: Troy Jackson

So much time spent in bed: Gloria Anzaldua, chronic illness, Coatlicue and disability by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Talking Mixed-Race Identity with Young Children by Sharon H. Chang

The trouble with ‘passing’ for another race/sexuality/religion … by Koa Beck

Trans/formative identities: narrations of decolonization in mixed-race and transgender lives by Sarah E. Hunt

What A _______ Can Take by Caro Reyes (from “Mixed up!” see above)

When My Biracial Identity And Eating Disorder Collide by Gina Florio

Why Don’t You Date White Girls? by Erika N. Turner

Why Michael Sam’s White Boyfriend Made Me Sigh by Owning my truth

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