News Articles & Opinion Pieces

A Curious Confluence: Where Racism & Privilege Meet by Rema Tavares

A Prairie Homo Companion: How Being A (Very) Mixed-Race Canadian Prairie Weirdo Complicates “POC” For Me by Malaika Aleba

Backama Pow by Vanessa Bonaparte

Between places and spaces by Francesca Humi

Biracial 14-year-old bullied, quits school  by Mary Ellen MacIntyre

Black like them by Malcolm Gladwell

Black plus White equals Black by Lawrence Hill

Black, White, Black and White: mixed race and health in Canada by Gerry Veenstra

Can Jeon Somi Become K-Pop’s First International Biracial Superstar? by Maxwell Williams

Canadian woman fired for not being ‘black enough’ awarded $11,000 in damages by  Michael Walsh

Constructing Identity Through Embodied Re-membrance and De-colonization (2017)  by Charlotte Henay & Zavé Martohardjono

KKK flyers distributed in Chilliwack worry residents

Culture differences between generations by Adebe DeRango-Adem

DNA unlocks family secrets of the Chinese juggler, the enigmatic sea-captain and more by Carolyn Abraham

Identity Is Complex For Mixed Canadians  Huffpost Canada “Born and Raised” series

Interview with PhD Student Karla Lucht: Children’s Literature about Mixed-Race Asian Americans/Canadians

It Happened to Me: My Mother Left Us by  NAM KIWANUKA

Jay Smooth Talks to Drake About Racial Identity by Jorge Rivas

Mixed-background Japanese Canadians during WWII internment, a rudimentary history by Japanese Road Camps of Yellowhead – Blue River

“Mixed” Feelings: Looking at Racial Identity in Beauty, Fashion and Beyond by Lucia Lorenzi

Mixed Blessings by Lisa Khoo

Mixed-race students fed up with classmates’ racist ‘jokes’ By Shari Okeke

Mother wins custody in mixed race case

Mulatto and Malignity by Blair Shewchuk

My City is a Bigot by Zoe SC Todd

My Daughter’s Faces by DesiValentine4

N-word graffiti aimed at biracial Nova Scotia girl painted over by mom by Norma Jean MacPhee

Obama’s My Dad’: Mixed Race Suspects, Political Anxiety and the New Imperialism by Rachel Gorman

Oh, really? You were born in Guelph? by Araba Ocran-Caesar

Questioning Being Black and White in Canada by Denise Hansen

Racist Graffiti In Edmonton: House Covered In Swastikas, Racial Slurs As Family Returns Home 

Student art captures the mixed-race experience by Don Campbell

Tales of a Mulatto Girl: FAQ’s by Barbara Larter-Sanchez

Tartamella twins are proud of their Indian and Italian mixed-race identity By Shari Okeke

The Biracial Generation: Embracing Cultural Diversity in Donna Magazine

The mythology of Métissage: Settler moves to innocence by âpihtawikosisân

The Wormiest of Cans: who gets to be “mixed race”? by Thea Lim

Too black, too brown: two stories of growing up between cultures

Understanding what it means to be mixed by Victoria Alarcon

Unpacking Mixed Identity and Privilege by Jamaias DaCosta

We Can’t Screw Ourselves Out of Racism by Daniella Barreto

What’s it like growing up when people mistake you for white? by Sirin Kale

What It’s Like to Live Between Two Cultures by Lindsey Addawoo

Why Half-Asian Girls Have it Easier (Than Half-Asian Guys) by Emily Lai Ho MacLean

Why I Don’t Sleep With White Guys by Eternity E Martis

Why Mixed with White isn’t White by Sharon Chang

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