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Mixed in Canada is a place where all racialized mixed-race identified Canadians can come to learn, share and think critically about our identities.

Mixed in Canada’s mission is to build a community where racialized mixed-identified Canadians of all abilities, religions, genders and sexualities can connect, share & find a place of belonging by:

  • documenting mixed-identified Canadians
  • anti-racism/anti-oppression/decolonization education
  • community engagement

Mixed-race identified folks are invited to submit work (art, poetry, writing, videos, etc) and all levels of artistic ability are welcome. We particularly love work around the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, adoption etc. We will not post work that contains oppressive or harmful content.


  • Content must be guest blogger’s own original work.
  • Plagiarism is not permitted. When quoting others, please cite your sources accordingly.
  • Please send a picture of yourself if you are comfortable (if you’re including pictures of people other than yourself, please make sure you have their permission to use them).
  • If you’re borrowing an image we require proper attribution to the creator of the image.
  • Please send any relevant links (Website, Twitter, FB etc)


  • Mixed in Canada reserves the right to make edits to the piece where necessary to ensure the blog stays congruous with our anti-oppression values. Prior to publication of your guest blog post we will make sure you agree with these changes.
  • If a guest post is inappropriate or needs improvement we’ll let you know and offer suggestions so that we can publish it in the future.
  • Mixed in Canada reserve the right to refuse publication, remove blog content and change these guidelines as we see fit.

How to submit: Please email your submissions to

To download a PDF version of the submission guidlelines, follow this link: Submissionguidelines2015

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